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St. John's Wort Common Hypericum Perforatum Seeds

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St. John's Wort Common Hypericum Perforatum is a short-lived perennial herb native to Europe. St. John's Wort seeds have to be just slightly pressed into the soil and not covered, because the seeds need light to germinate. Also known as Perforate St John's-Wort, Common Saint John's Wort, Chase-Devil, and Klamath Weed, Hypericum Perforatum is a short woody perennial shrub that blooms profusely in summer with clusters of fragrant bright yellow flowers attracting various pollinators including butterflies and bees.

St. John's Wort Common is great as a ground cover for planting along driveways and sideways. The compact perennial is good for planting in containers, rock gardens, and it is also often mass planted in wildlife landscape applications such as woodlands, along roadsides, and etc. St. John's Wort is widely used as a medicinal herb that is used externally to treat wounds, sunburns, and general aches, pains, and internally, it is used to treat mild depression and insomnia. Hypericum Perforatum seeds germinate in 10-20 days, and once established, Common St. John's Wort is virtually maintenance free plant that thrives in most situations and adapts to both moist and dry soil, and even tolerates occasional flooding. Perforate St John's-Wort also withstands drought but grows best with irrigation during prolonged dry spells.

Season: Perennial
Height: 24 Inches
Bloom Season: Summer
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Average/Moist well-drained, pH 5.8-7.2
USDA Zones: 4-10

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring (6-8 weeks before last frost)
Sow Outdoors: Spring/Fall
Seed Depth: Surface sowing - press seeds slightly into the soil
Germination Time: 10-20 Days