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Houseleek Sempervivum Hybridum Seeds

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Houseleek Sempervivum Hybridum is a succulent perennial plant native to Morocco, Iran, and the mountains of southern Europe. Houseleek Sempervivum Hybridum seeds can be started indoors or directly outdoors, and cold stratification method helps to boost germination. Also commonly called Hens and Chicks, and Lifeforever, Sempervivum Hybridum is an unique mat-forming, low-growing ground cover plant that produce rosette shaped foliage of fleshy leaves in shades of green, silver, deep-maroon, brilliant-red, gray, and many combinations in between. Some leaves are dull and some are glossy, and while some are smooth to the touch, others are somewhat velvety and fine, spider web-like filaments may appear on a top of succulent leaves. The common name Hens and Chicks comes from two different types of foliage rosettes - parent rosettes that are called the "hens" and the smaller " chicks" rosettes that grow from the parents. Houseleek blooms from March till June producing 12 inch flower stalks that are topped with clusters of pink, red and lavender flowers.

Houseleek Sempervivum Hybridum is very popular as a winter hardy ground cover, rock and alpine garden plant, and Hens and Chicks flower looks wonderful growing in containers with other succulents, pots, on roofs, between flagstones, in wall crevices, and along pathways. Sempervivum Hybridum seeds have to be just lightly covered with peat moss, because light is required for germination. The established Houseleek is a very low maintenance plant that can grow in any well drained soil tolerating drought and easily surviving temperatures as low as minus 30C (-20F).

Season: Perennial
Height: 2-4 Inches
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Rich/Average/Poor/Dry/Moist well-drained, pH 5.5-7.0
USDA Zones: 3-11

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring
Sow Outdoors: Spring/Fall
Seed Depth: Surface sowing - cover lightly with peat moss
Germination Time: 7-21 Days