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Mauritania Vine Reed Rope Grass Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus Seeds

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Mauritania Vine Reed Rope Grass Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus is an evergreen perennial grass native to Mediterranean region and North Africa. Mauritania Vine Reed Rope seeds can be started in a green house in winter or early spring, and the seedling can be transplanted outdoors in late spring or early summer after the last expected frosts. Also commonly known as Mauritanian Grass, Mauritanian Broomgrass, Moroccan Grass, Diss Grass, and Dis Grass, Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus forms a stupendous, large clump of large, one-sided, brown panicles which hang from striking, sturdy upright stems that rise up from a non-spreading dense mound of tough, leathery, fine-textured green leaves. Mauritanian Grass is very similar to Pampas Grass, and the long-lived, evergreen specimen blooms through summer and fall remaining attractive all winter long.

Mauritania Vine Reed Rope Grass is a strong growing plant that can be a focal point for a sunny location in a garden and mixed border , and the large, evergreen, elegant grass yields fine textured evergreen blades tough enough to fashion ties, ropes and baskets. Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus seeds have to be sown onto the surface of a moist seed compost and not covered, because they need light which is beneficial to germination. Mauritanian Grass is drought tolerant and easy to manage, and large elegant evergreen grass is well-adapted to dry and rocky environments. Its deep root system helps prevent soil erosion on slopes and unstable terrain., making it a valuable species for soil stabilization and erosion control.

Season: Perennial
Height: 4-6 Feet
Bloom Season: Summer/Fall
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Average/Sandy/Dry/Moist well-drained, pH 5.5-7.8
USDA Zones: 7-10

Sow Indoors: Winter (6-8 weeks before last frost)
Sow Outdoors: Spring/Fall
Seed Depth: Surface sowing - press seeds slightly into the soil
Germination Time: 10-90 Days