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Morning Glory Japanese Red Picotee Ipomoea Nil Seeds

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Morning Glory Japanese Red Picotee Ipomoea Nil is a climbing, herbaceous annual or perennial plant, and this unique looking, super attractive variety of Japanese cultivated Morning Glory vine has become very popular all over the world. Morning Glory Red Picotee seeds germinate fast, so direct sowing in spring after last frost is a great way to establish this plant. Ipomoea Nil Red Picotee features extra large, star-shaped, semi-double rosy-red flowers with white edge. The blooming Red Picotee Japanese Morning Glory is a show-stopper.

Morning Glory Japanese Red Picotee vine is carefree, non-stop daytime bloomer that makes a great addition to any landscape, and if there is a structure to climb such as a fence, trellis, arbor, post, or even an out-building, the Morning Glory climbing plant will climb vigorously forming bushy foliage and creating a dazzling display of color. Prior sowing Ipomoea Nil seeds should be soaked in warm water overnight for the best germination.

Season: Perennial/Annual
Height: 108 Inches (Vining)
Bloom Season: Summer/Fall
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Rich/Moist well-drained, pH 6.1-7-8
USDA Zones: 8-11 (As Perennial) All Regions of North America (As Annual)

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring (4-6 weeks before last frost)
Sow Outdoors: Spring/Fall
Seed Depth: 1/4 Inch
Germination Time: 10-20 Days