Asparagus Fern Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri Seeds

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Asparagus Fern Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri is a tropical, evergreen perennial native to South Africa. Fern Asparagus is easy to grow from seeds, and the established plant has fern-like appearance. Sprenger Asparagus features delicate, ferny, emerald-green foliage with needle-like leaves and produces scattered, small, white flowers that appear in the summer time blooming approximately for two weeks and bright-red berries follow later. Fern Asparagus has fragrant blooms that attract honey bees, and its berries are attractive to birds.

Asparagus Fern makes a wonderful house plant and adds tropical effect to hanging baskets. This fern-like perennial establishes fast and develops into a fast-growing, sprawling ground cover at no time. Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri tolerates drought and requires minimal care preferring to grow in full sun and moist, but well-drained soil.

Season: Perennial
Height: 24 Inches
Bloom Season: Summer
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type: Moist well-drained, pH 6.6-7.5
USDA Zones: 8-11

Sow Indoors: Winter/Spring (4-6 weeks before last frost)
Sow Outdoors: Spring
Seed Depth: 1/4 Inch
Germination Time: 28-56 Days